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South River Shootists
SASS Georgia State Championship
Stampede at South River

May 13 - 15, 2021

You may Keep your Brass!

Speed Side Matches

Speed Rifle

Speed Pistols

Speed Shotgun
SxS, Pump, & Lever)


Pocket Pistol

Team Side Match

Couples Side Match

Long Range Matches

10 am - 5:30 pm

Buffalo Single Shot Rifle 200 yards

Single Shot Precision Rifle 200 yards

Lever Action-Rifle Caliber 200 yards

Lever Action Revolver Caliber 100 yards

Single Action Revolver 25 yards

Quigley Bucket Challenge **

**AMMO Up to 6 rounds, Yards 200.
YOU HIT IT YOU KEEP IT. One Bucket per Shooter.
Must qualify by shooting at least one Long Range Category. Firearm can be any firearm used in Long Range match

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